oil on canvas


Dimensions: 12"x30"

This painting is a serene depiction of a little girl in a open grassy field, bathed in sunlight, taking a break with her kite in tow. Limited Edition prints available.


$65.  (shipping included)

oil on canvas


Dimensions: 36"x48"

This is a lovely image of a couple embracing in their first dance in a field of flowers.


mixed-media on board


Dimensions: 30"x30"

She is beautiful and lovely and she wears her hair like a crown of glory.


BUY PRINT $65. (free shipping)


oil on canvas


Dimensions: (2) 12"x30"

This painting depicts an old scene of Boston's screeching elevated railway, passengers travelling inbound and outbound above and the people who live in the neighborhood below.






oil on canvas


Dimensions: 12"x30"

This painting is of a young musician who’s beautifully played music I heard while he was being tutored by his grandmother. The focus he showed during this session
was very impressive.


acrylic on board


Dimensions: 48"x18"

This is a surreal image of the artist (a.k.a. Prince) in a multi-dimensional sunrise with a textured seascape. The frame is customized and hand-painted.



acrylic on board


Dimensions: 50"x40"

Vibrant glow-in-the dark flourescent paint was used to produce a funky depiction of the great truth fighter.


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